BlockFills’ Liquidity as a Service:

At BlockFills, we are relentlessly dedicated to expanding our product and service offerings to meet the diverse needs of institutional clients in the dynamic world of digital assets. With a proprietary technology stack, we offer more than just a gateway to the digital asset space; we provide the expertise and foundation upon which an entire digital asset business can thrive. Our comprehensive, multi-asset suite includes collateralized lending, cash-settled derivatives*, OTC options*, structured products*, OMS/SaaS tech, and a range of front-end platforms. However, what truly distinguishes BlockFills is our unwavering commitment to solving fragmented liquidity problems through our aggregation and matching algorithms. 

Our liquidity approach stands at the core of our business. We have spent years forging invaluable connections across the cryptocurrency landscape, ensuring our liquidity offering remains unparalleled. Vision Crypto Cloudthe most advanced enterprise cloud-based trading and management system in the market today, and BlockFills’ latest SaaS offering, is connected to 30+ exchanges, liquidity pools, and major wallet providers, providing unparalleled market access and a true dark pool of institutional-grade liquidity for all our clients. In a sector where speed and adaptability are imperative, our dedication to providing 24/7 continuous liquidity is unwavering. Our expansive network of liquidity connections is your entryway to a diverse array of assets, always competitively priced, and reliable in any market environment, giving you the ability trade on your own terms, day or night.  


BlockFills’ Liquidity as a Service Key Pillars: 

  • 24/7 Continuous Liquidity: Market accessibility is paramount at BlockFills. Our commitment to around-the-clock liquidity ensures that you can trade according to your schedule. We recognize the significance of flexibility, and our platform is primed to cater to your liquidity needs. 
  • Deep and Diverse Liquidity Connections and Partners: BlockFills is deeply integrated with various exchanges, liquidity pools, and major wallet providers. Our integrations grant unparalleled market access, creating a true institutional-grade liquidity dark pool. Moreover, this network guarantees access to a wide spectrum of assets, all with competitive pricing, fostering an environment teeming with opportunities. 
  • Face a Single Entity: As your trusted partner and dealer, we offer a streamlined approach that simplifies your trading experience. Our model combines the efficiency of aggregation platforms with the transparency of legacy trading environments, providing you with unmatched reliability and clarity. BlockFills is your direct path to a more efficient future, eliminating the complexities of navigating a web of intermediaries. 


*Derivative Products available to Qualified Counterparties Only. For US Persons, client is an Eligible Contract Participant (“ECP”) as defined in Section 1a(18) of the Commodity Exchange Act and related guidance. Non-US Persons must qualify as an Eligible Professional Client.

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