With Bitcoin’s recent price increase, trading above $35,000 this week for the first time since May 2022, as well as increasing industry optimism, specifically institutional excitement surrounding the highly anticipated approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, BlockFills sees the current market as the ideal time to emphasize our OTC trading capabilities.

BlockFills’ prolific OTC trading desk is led by battle-tested professionals with decades of tradfi experience. Our desks quote options*, (outrights, spreads, collars, and structures*), spot, and collateralized loans, even through the most volatile markets. As one of the largest crypto market makers in the space, our team provides white glove service in offering bespoke solutions, timely settlements, and transparent pricing to our institutional OTC trading clients including exchanges, lenders, payments service providers, hedge funds, miners, professional traders, and more.

BlockFills’ OTC Trading Clients Also Benefit From:

    – Pricing and trading BTC, ETH, and altcoins 24/7

    – Ability to trade large volumes

    – Cross margin against spot and derivatives* positions

    – Protection from volatile market slippage

    – Deep liquidity

    – Connections to over 40+ partners, venues, and markets including 3rd party integration solutions

    – Consultative team here to support the expansion of your business

    – Access to BlockFills’ technology portfolio

OTC Trading + BlockFills’ Tech

API Connectivity: Seamless Reporting & Reconciliation

SaaS Suite: Customizable Solutions to Conduct Voice Deals, View Positions, Settlements, Margin, and More

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