BlockFills’ Liquidity as a Service & provision serves institutions who require market access for their own principle risk as well as those who must have access to industry-leading, reliable digital asset pricing delivered 24 x 7 so they can confidently serve their end-users.

Our trading venue is a market-leading end-to-end digital trading ECN platform for spot and derivatives products whose pedigree can be traced back to high-speed multi-asset trading in traditional markets.

Proven Technology and Liquidity

The BlockFills platform provides the transparency associated with legacy electronic trading environments such as foreign exchange and fixed-income, where aggregation platforms have ultimately led to the establishment of extremely efficient markets.

Performance in Challenging Markets

Due to widespread and diverse liquidity partners, our platform has remained operational and stable during fast markets and aberrant market events when many peers have proven unable to continue to quote for risk or technological reasons. 

Superior Product Breadth and Depth

BlockFills offers a product suite beyond just spot crypto liquidity. Qualified clients* have access to collateralized lending, cash settled derivatives*, OTC options*, structured products*, OMS/SaaS tech, various front-end platforms, not to mention our uniquely tailored, consultative approach.

Build Your Business with BlockFills

Entire digital asset businesses – including those that seek to provide a wider range of services than just crypto <> fiat or crypto <> crypto swaps – can be built on BlockFills’ liquidity and technology stack. Discuss your goals with BlockFills and we will take the time to understand your business and provide the best possible guidance. 

BlockFills’ Liquidity as a Service Key Pillars:

  • Built by industry-leading technologists from the financial & alternative investments industry

  • State-of-the-Art FIX Adapter for and Websocket APIs

  • Multi-Asset Capable

  • Advanced order placement capabilities

  • FIX, WebSocket, and Rest API Market Taker Engine

  • BlockFills drives Liquidity to over 30 Global Venues

  • Best Execution Across Diversified Order Book

  • 24/7 Continuous Liquidity Provision

  • Data Center Access in North America, Europe, and Asia

Two-Sided Custom Connectivity

you connect

You can connect to BlockFills, or BlockFills can connect to you. We can design and implement custom integrations to any venue with FIX, Web-Socket or REST API infrastructure.

Register below and a BlockFills representative will promptly follow up to discuss your needs.