BlockFills is leading the Bitcoin mining industry and Web3 ecosystem toward focusing on sustainability by offering both carbon offset and renewable energy credit markets to end users. From Bitcoin mining operations and Proof of Stake node validators to digital asset exchanges, analytics venues, and other entities utilizing data center infrastructure, RECs and Carbon Offsets offer a tool to the marketplace in mitigating negative externalities associated with electricity consumption from non-renewable sources.

In addition, as these environmental products mature, BlockFills is positioned to offer market access to individuals or traders that would like to offset emissions or take a position in these markets.

Product Overview


This product is for a REC (= to 1MWh of power) generated in North America (Canada or USA) from a Zero Emission Fuel Source (including but not limited to wind, solar, hydro, waste to heat energy, etc). The time frame is a rolling 18-month backward window from the month of purchase. We suggest this as a monthly purchase; however, it can support power consumption from the current year (or up through the last 6 months of the prior year if purchased Jan – March) through the next 3 months from date of purchase. It can be paired with power sources from the grid in North America to make a claim of renewable energy use.*

*Monthly Cut Off is the 20th day of the month otherwise retirement will happen the following month. Serial numbers will be sent to the buyer for their records, should they need further help contact us.

Product Overview Disclaimer:

*Upon completion of purchase the rec or carbon will be retired on the buyer’s behalf, not transferred to their account or control. ZENA and CECO purchases will not be transferable as they are consumed on purchase and are retired on the buyer’s behalf.

Miner’s Estimated Consumption:

Estimated minimum number of RECs required based on the estimated power consumption of BTC mined to claim 100% renewable energy use in mining operation during time period tracked

Known Consumption:

Estimated minimum number of RECs required based on known power consumption of BTC mined by to claim 100% renewable energy use in mining operation during time period tracked

For Holders and Investors:

Estimated minimum number of RECs that would be required for equivalent BTC holdings to be mined by renewable energy today

Calculator Disclaimer:

*The calculators on this website are designed to be informative and for educational purposes only. We strongly encourage you to seek the advice of a financial services professional prior to making any type of investment or a professional sustainability consultant before enacting a sustainability program. The results are estimates based on information you provide and may not reflect actual results. Reliz Ltd and its affiliates are not responsible for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on the calculators. The calculations are hypothetical examples and are not a substitute for consulting a qualified professional. As such, Reliz Ltd and its affiliates make no representations and does not warrant, either expressly or by implication, that figures generated by the online calculator accurately or comprehensively indicate the total costs, fees, energy consumption, or carbon emissions of an entity’s activities. Reliz Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or liabilities allegedly arising from the use of the online calculator by any person or company.

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