BlockFills has a prolific OTC options desk staffed with experienced, battle-tested professionals. For qualified clients*, our desk will quote options – outright options, spreads, collars, multi-leg structures, and more – for a wide range of strikes and maturities in BTC, ETH, and Altcoin markets.  


Read below for access instructions.

Reliz Ltd (dba BlockFills) Options Products and Services are only available to:

*Qualified Individuals: An individual who has amounts invested on a discretionary basis, the aggregate of which is in excess of $10,000,000. Digital currency holdings of $10mm or greater qualify.

*General Qualified Business Entities: A corporation, partnership, proprietorship, organization, trust, or other entity that has total assets exceeding $10,000,000. Digital currency holdings of $10mm or greater qualify.

*Non-US Professional Clients may also qualify. Please review the requirements for this classification here.

By completing the form below, I agree that either I or the organization that I am authorized to represent meet the above criteria.