BlockFills understands the needs of funds and asset managers who seek to participate in the digital asset space. 

BlockFills is routinely contacted by asset managers and hedge funds who seek liquidity, capital efficiency, bespoke solutions, and a level of service that is largely lost in the modern trading space.

If you are frustrated by the inefficiencies of placing your fund’s assets at numerous exchanges that require 100% collateralization and suffer from service or reliability issues, please read on.

BlockFills is a place for Funds.

  • Liquidity – 24/7 executable liquidity in size
  • Trading Platform – The industry’s leading front-end: Phoenix (click)
  • Capital Efficiency – Credit facilities and post-trade settlement services
  • Wide Coverage – Stream numerous assets, execute RFQ in 100+
  • Portfolio tracking across complex assets – all in real time

If you represent a fund, we’re worth a look.

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