BlockFills understands the needs of funds and asset managers who seek to participate in the digital asset space.

The recent volatility and resulting market fragmentation has only strengthened BlockFills’ position in the space as a premier destination for institutional clients seeking liquidity, capital efficiency, bespoke solutions, and a level of service that is largely lost in the modern digital asset trading space.

BlockFills is a place for Funds.

  • Cash-settled perpetual contracts* (for qualified parties)
  • OTC Options* – outrights, structures, spreads, and exotics (for qualified parties)
  • Industry-leading Phoenix front-end
  • Tier-1 banking, custody, and custody technology solutions
  • REST API Connectivity to major Fund Admin solutions
  • Portfolio tracking across complex assets
  • Vision Core OMS Solution for asset managers with numerous trading relationships or for offering SMAs to clients

If you represent a fund, we’re worth a look.

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