Institutions seeking the highest quality infrastructure and deepest digital asset liquidity can connect to the BlockFills API for 24/7, 365 market access. BlockFills offers industry-leading reliability through its networking and hosting solutions.

Through a connection to our FIX Gateway, your firm can access an ECN platform for spot and derivatives products whose pedigree can be traced back to high-speed multi-asset trading in traditional markets. We also offer access to a REST API for balances, positions, and transaction history, which can easily be connected to your middle and/or back-office system or fund admin. Getting connected and trading does not have to take months or even weeks.

The Process:

  • BlockFills will set up a UAT environment and provide credentials and clear documentation, as well as support.
  • Test trade in UAT environment.

  • Move into Production.

  • Trade live.

Are you unfamiliar with FIX connectivity? If so, contact us and we’ll provide the resources you need to get started quickly.

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