There are many ways to access the deep digital asset liquidity offered by BlockFills, but two of the most popular methods are our trading GUIs. BlockFills offers two front-end trading platforms with distinct features that cater to the specific needs of certain clientele; digital asset management platform, Vision Trader, and crypto trading platform, Phoenix. 

Deciding whether Vision Trader or Phoenix is more suitable for your institution is largely driven by the type of client executing the trades and the specific qualities they desire in a trading platform. Although both interfaces provide BlockFills’ deep liquidity and unparalleled trading experiences, distinct differences that cater to diverse client types include:  

Vision Trader: 

  • – Straightforward UX 
  • – Market & Limit Orders 
  • – Simple Bid/Ask Streaming Price 
  • – Point & Click Execution 
  • – No Prior Trading Experience Required 


  • – Sophisticated UX 
  • – Market, Limit, Stop, Stop Limit, Trailing Stop, Bracket Orders, & more 
  • – Full Suite of Customizable Indicators, Studies, & Drawing Tools 
  • – Trading Directly on Charts or Depth of Market (DOM) Screen 
  • – Geared to Experienced, Sophisticated Crypto Traders 

BlockFills clients that exclusively trade digital assets for operational reasons tend to gravitate towards using the Vision Trader platform. For example, an enterprise-grade bitcoin miner logs in and needs to sell 100 BTC/USD. They are less concerned with tactical execution and instead focus on only getting the trade done at a fair price. Another example may be a client who needs to buy 2,000,000 USDC with their USD balance. Here they are buying a stablecoin with their fiat currency – again, just looking to get “done” so that they can utilize their new digital asset. 

Conversely, consider a hedge fund that employs a trader who has been trading the SOL/USD (Solana against the US Dollar) market for years. The trader prioritizes order flow, depth-of-market, uses a variety of technical indicators in their decision-making process, trades numerous times a day, and enters and exits the market based on short-term price movements. This client is much better suited for the Phoenix platform due to its feature-rich charting and order-management interface.  

BlockFills understands traders in the crypto markets often have a much wider spectrum of use cases than those in the traditional markets. Clients may be trading purely for speculative reasons, be involved in cutting-edge payments businesses, or may need to liquidate or buy digital assets purely for operational or balance sheet purposes. BlockFills makes accessing aggregated digital asset liquidity a seamless, tailored experience, ensuring our users benefit from a trading platform geared to their respective roles and specific needs. 

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