Streamlining and Strengthening Trader Operation Capabilities

BlockFills’ industry-leading API connectivity is now available to institutional clients who prefer to connect via WebSocket. Our connectivity solution is the ideal solution for crypto natives who are familiar with CEXs and other venues that have not yet made available more traditionally utilized APIs, such as FIX. While logical arguments can be made for more traditional API technology, the reality is that BlockFills is here to meet the demands of both crypto-natives and tradfi players who are looking to bridge the gap into crypto. Our WebSocket API offering is a signal to the crypto crypto-native community that we are here to serve their needs with a simple and reliable connectivity solution.

Why WebSocket API?

With the inherent nature of the crypto market being volatile and often experiencing rapid price fluctuation, tier-1 connectivity that supports low-latency and punctual data updates is a requirement, not an option. In an industry that also demands flexibility when it comes to data handling, WebSocket casts a wide net of compatibility along with streaming capabilities for price and order updates.

An increasingly popular method of connection for crypto natives not familiar with FIX, WebSocket has created a specific distinction between itself and FIX. WebSocket’s rapid data updates, low latency, efficiency, and flexibility easily keep pace with the ever-changing crypto market and overall evolution of the industry. BlockFills continues to bridge the connectivity divide by offering both FIX and WebSocket API connectivity to institutions seeking the method of connectivity most suited to their needs.

The BlockFills WebSocket API is the natural next step in equipping our clients with the tools needed to adapt to the ever-evolving nature of the digital assets industry. Our clients’ preferences drive their connectivity choices, as FIX is generally favored by those utilizing legacy market tech while WebSocket API is favored by traders often familiar with CEX (centralized exchange) systems and interfaces.

Benefits of WebSocket

As uninterrupted and current data streams are pertinent to traders, WebSocket ensures data streams have a healthy, competitive foundation of well-informed trading operations that do not experience polling or delays. Offering WebSocket API revolutionizes trader-strategy as they benefit from advanced trading functionality and receive a greater quantity of market data per request than with many other APIs or REST alone. Trade execution operations remain timely, competitive, accurate, and streamlined with constant and clear access to market data.

Why BlockFills?

Institutions who require access to WebSocket APIs and deep liquidity across the digital asset landscape can be up and running in days with BlockFills. Once requested, the entire process below can be completed in short order:

  • -BlockFills provides UAT environment setup + credentials + documentation + support
  • -Successfully test in UAT
  • -Move into production
  • -Trade live

Further, crypto natives using WebSocket APIs who want to adopt FIX can trade live while testing their ability to move into a FIX API environment by utilizing BlockFills’ FIX UAT alongside their Production WebSocket activity.

WebSocket API Connection Will Give Clients Access To:

  • -Highest Quality Infrastructure
  • -Deepest Digital Asset Liquidity
  • -24/7, 365 Market Access
  • -Market Data & Execution
  • -UAT Environment
  • -Excellent Documentation
  • -Connect to Your GUI, or Populate Your Order Book
  • -Most Competitive Global Spreads & Fee Structure
  • -No Additional Costs

BlockFills aims to simplify and minimize connectivity operations. Institutions seeking the highest quality infrastructure and deepest digital asset liquidity can connect to the BlockFills API for 24/7, 365 market access. BlockFills is a veteran in the design and implementation of custom integrations to any venue with FIX, WebSocket, or REST API infrastructure.

Interested in connecting to BlockFills’ WebSocket? Learn more here or contact us.

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