In light of the most recent events surrounding Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank, our team wishes to inform you of the following:

BlockFills has no exposure to Silicon Valley Bank or Silvergate Bank, and we have limited exposure to Signature Bank, where depositors will be made whole according to the announcement by the Federal Reserve. We will no longer be accepting wires at Signature Bank.

Additionally, in accordance with BlockFills’ predisposition towards redundancy, we maintain existing relationships with other banking providers, including those that operate instant settlement platforms. For example, BlockFills utilizes and has had positive experiences with CBIT™ by Customers Bank.

For EUR and GBP settlements, we continue to utilize OpenPayd.

We are in the process of developing additional banking relationships as well and we will keep you informed on the new banking relationships we are forming when they become available. The BlockFills team can provide wire instructions for Customers Bank if you wish to wire in funds for trading. If you are interested in new banking relationships, we are happy to make introductions when appropriate.

All BlockFills trading systems and related operations are fully functional and all clients can continue to trade 24/7, provided they can use our new settlement options. We remain financially unaffected by these unfortunate banking events and stand ready to serve our clients in all verticals.

Our team remains at your disposal to address any questions and we look forward to serving you.



Nick Hammer

Founder & CEO

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