The partnership answers the global crypto mining communities’ demand for sustainable options to offset carbon emissions produced from mining operations.

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BlockFills, a fast-growing global digital asset trading and financial technology company, announced its partnership with Isla Verde Capital to offer the global Bitcoin mining community and the broader crypto industry with carbon emissions offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Isla Verde Capital is a global firm specializing in renewable energy and environmental attribute markets, and helps firms access renewable energy attribute markets such as carbon offsets, RECs, and IRECs for their environmental goals and commitments, including Bitcoin mining.

The new offering will solve a crucial challenge for mining enterprises, especially those that are publicly traded, to minimize or eliminate their mining operational carbon footprint. With this partnership, BlockFills and Isla Verde Capital directly answers this demand by offering one of the first environmentally sustainable Bitcoin Mining solutions for the North American and global mining community.

“Isla Verde Capital has proven to be a thoughtful and ambitious partner alongside BlockFills to help resolve a growing crypto mining industry challenge–miners are seeking sustainable solutions to their challenges in the energy industry, while also fighting public scrutiny over their consumption and carbon footprint,” said Neil Van Huis, BlockFills Partner and Director. “This partnership provides smart and sustainable options for them. Our commitment remains supporting qualified North American and global mining companies with market access, products, and services that they and other professionals and institutions demand in an ever-expanding market segment.”

BlockFills has provided strategic support for miners in North America and across the world since the firm’s founding in 2018. Miners have partnered with BlockFills to access BlockFills Pool, which is the only U.S. mining pool that is SOC 1 Type 2* Certified. Further, BlockFills helps miners facilitate bespoke execution, same-day transferring to fiat, collateralized lending services, hedging services, and more.

BlockFills currently serves over 900 enterprise and mining firms in North America and globally.

“We are excited to partner with BlockFills to help cryptocurrency miners, traders, and other participants find green solutions for their energy usage,” said Ronnie Virissimo, Isla Verde Capital Co-CIO. “The space is changing, and it is becoming more imperative that all groups, particularly those on the blockchain, are proactive about reporting on and lowering their carbon footprint, with greater potential for regulation and rules to be put in place. There are other benefits such as potential access to green financing and making the use of clean energy solutions a tool for better financing. We want to make sure these miners and traders are given access to the appropriate products.”

“We are excited to partner with BlockFills in bringing these sustainability products to the Bitcoin mining industry. BlockFills has been a leader in the space for a variety of initiatives, from hardware financing to balance sheet risk management, they’re an obvious choice for leading the way in offering sustainable mining solutions. We hope our partnership and offerings will be a tool for miners to reach for as the Bitcoin network moves ahead in its sustainability efforts,” said Nasser Mohsin, Isla Verde Capital Co-CIO.

“Since its inception, BlockFills has been a thought leader in servicing the Bitcoin mining community; from dark pooled spot market liquidity provision and USD loans for covering operating expenses, to equipment financing and managing risk around block rewards. In continuing our efforts to best serve Bitcoin miners and the broader crypto industry, BlockFills is proud to partner with Isla Verde Capital in bringing market access and education on Carbon Offset and Renewable Energy Credit products. We believe that providing market access to Carbon Offsets and REC’s will help the industry accelerate through the noise on Bitcoin Mining carbon intensity, and be well positioned for a future that is centered around environmental consciousness and sustainability initiatives,” said John Divine from BlockFills.

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About BlockFills

BlockFills is a disruptive financial technology firm dedicated to the provision of end-to-end solutions for global crypto currency market participants. The Company has successfully built and deployed a cutting-edge multi-asset technology platform that solves major liquidity fragmentation problems in the marketplace. The platform provides price discovery, price aggregation, electronic order matching, smart order routing and trade reconciliation solutions for institutions in the digital spot, derivatives, and lending markets. In addition, BlockFills provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that simplify all aspects of the trade lifecycle for institutions in the sector.

About Isla Verde Capital

Isla Verde Capital is a fund that began operating in 2021 with its founding partners combining more than 25 years of experience in the renewable energy and fuel markets. IVC boasts a global network of renewable energy project developers and operators, carbon offset project developers, and sustainability consultants. Through these connections, they bring their trading partners a broad spectrum of environmental attributes to achieve their sustainability targets while offering investors access to the growing environmental market space with an experienced management team.


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