About Wyden

Wyden is the global leader in institutional digital asset trading technology. By covering the entire trade lifecycle and supporting seamless custody, core banking, and portfolio management system integration as well as full trade lifecycle automation, the Wyden platform streamlines digital assets trading. Engineered by a team of trading system veterans and crypto asset experts, Wyden offers best-in-class integrated infrastructure solutions that meet the highest institutional needs. Wyden has offices in Zurich, New York, and Singapore.

To learn more visit www.wyden.io.

Wyden ensures best execution through market-wide connectivity and end-to-end digital asset orchestration.

Seamless integration with premier custody, core banking, and portfolio management system providers make Wyden the leading institutional trading platform covering the entire trade lifecycle for crypto and digital assets.


Key Features

  • Modular trading and orchestration platform for banks and discretionary & systematic buy-side firms
  • Best execution along the entire digital asset trading lifecycle
  • Smart liquidity sourcing for brokerage businesses
  • End-to-end platform for quantitative and discretionary multi-asset trading

Along with BlockFills® best-in-class liquidity and execution services:

Execution Reliability

A bank’s top priority is to ensure client orders are executed at the best possible price and the lowest risk and cost. Wyden is designed to dynamically adjust your trading operations.

Market-Wide Connectivity

Access to over 100,000 instruments and 30 leading crypto exchanges, brokers and OTC desks ensures business continuity, even during high-volatility events.

Best Execution

Ensure that client orders are filled at the best conditions in terms of price, liquidity, and fees by leveraging smart order routing (SOR), algorithmic execution, and automated collateral management across more than 30 global liquidity venues.

Digital Asset Orchestration

Venue connectivity and best execution are just the beginning. Wyden adds value by orchestrating the entire trade lifecycle — integrating all infrastructural components to create customized trading workflows that are automated end-to-end.

Integration of Custody and Core Banking Systems

Wyden automatically reconciles balances and transfers assets by integrating a unique range of custody solutions, core banking systems, and execution venues. Benefit from active risk management and automated pre- and post-trade risk checks.

Optimized Collateral Management

Wyden reduces counterparty risk by minimizing the capital needed to prefund orders across various execution venues. This is achieved by automatically establishing custom pre-trade funding workflows tailored to your bank’s operations.

Agency and Principal Broker Desk

For banks preferring third-party execution venues, Wyden enables expanded and diversified connectivity to ensure that client orders are executed at the best possible price. If banks prefer to execute client orders against their own inventory, Wyden will automatically hedge and rebalance their holdings.

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