Basis Cap

Our institutional clients, more than ever, are seeking digital asset market access via a cash-settled perpetual swap that is not simply repackaged pricing coming from a CEX(s) who can’t stay out of the news.

Responding to this demand, BlockFills has partnered with its London-based, FCA regulated affiliate, Basis Capital Markets UK Limited (“Basis”), in the development of a cash-settled perpetual swap product that offers sweeping advantages over the products offered on often unregulated, retail-dominated venues whose technology, pricing, and reliability are not suited for the institutional trading community.

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Supported Assets

supported assets

Supported Fiat Currencies:

US dollar


Basis understands capital efficiency and counterparty risk and may offer flexible leverage arrangements to qualified institutional clients. 


Through a connection to Basis’ FIX Gateway or WebSocket API, institutional clients can access an ECN platform whose pedigree can be traced back to high-speed multi-asset trading in traditional markets. A REST API is also available for balances, positions, and transaction history, which can easily be connected to your middle and/or back-office platform, fund administrator, or risk system. Getting connected and trading does not have to take months or even weeks.

Cash-settled perpetual swaps can also be traded OTC, or via a reliable web interface, Vision Trader.

Superior Market Access, Pricing, & Terms

Tier-1 Pricing & Liquidity

Stream Prices via FIX or GUI

Flexible Leverage

Numerous Tradeable Assets

No Intraday Funding Rates, EOD Only

No Physical Crypto or Wallets Required

Trade Long/Short with No Margin Interest

Excellent Products for Funds & Prop Firms

The Most Competitive Funding Rate Environment:

The product’s funding rates are based on actual borrowing costs, rather than averages of what is seen on CEX(s). As a result, when popular exchanges’ rates spike in what often feels like punitive fashion, the rates applied to positions in the perpetual swap have remained relatively muted and manageable. Submit the form to learn more about what makes our funding rate environment so advantageous.

A Resilient Product:

Basis has deployed countless resources in its endeavor to provide the most competitive and reliable perpetual swap product on the market today. Signaling that the platform’s liquidity and reliability is unmatched, highest volumes have been recording during periods of high volatility such as:

  • Economic Reports

  • Fast Markets

  • Weekends

This is evidence that we’re quoting and trading when many of our peers are gone.

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