The BlockFills Team has fielded numerous inquiries about the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai fork.

  • • Namely, the Shanghai fork will implement EIP-4895, which allows validators to withdraw ETH that have been staked since as long ago as December 2020.
  • • About 14% of all ETH are currently staked, accounting for 16 million tokens and a current value of over $26 billion based on ETH prices at the time of this writing.

If you are about to gain access to your staked ETH and are seeking ways to manage the risk associated with your position, if qualified, please submit the form below and our team will contact you with strategies you may be able implement as a BlockFills client. Read below for access instructions.

Reliz Ltd (dba BlockFills) Options Products and Services are only available to:

*Qualified Individuals: An individual who has amounts invested on a discretionary basis, the aggregate of which is in excess of $10,000,000. Digital currency holdings of $10mm or greater qualify.

*General Qualified Business Entities: A corporation, partnership, proprietorship, organization, trust, or other entity that has total assets exceeding $10,000,000. Digital currency holdings of $10mm or greater qualify.

*Non-US Professional Clients may also qualify. Please review the requirements for this classification here.

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