BlockFills® is fully integrated with Copper: Offering industry leading technology backed by robust security first business processes.

Why do we work with Copper?

MPC-protected custodial architecture for more than 250 digital assets

Margin Trading Lending Facility offers 2-3x leverage of AuM without tying up collateral

Full control and governance over accounts, from rules based access control to address whitelisting

Pioneering infrastructure that enables trading across 40+ exchanges, while maintaining independent custody

Full zero-trust security methodology requiring verification at every stage, including inside the network

24/7 SOC & specialist incident response

Copper has built a holistic platform which guarantees security while maximising efficiency. Our digital asset net work, ClearLoop, connects custodians and exchanges in one secure trading loop — with real time settlement across the net work. Addressing key risks such as;

custody and counterparty risk
mulit-manager risk

Copper ClearLoop™: Trade from secure offline custody – settle instantly

Actively trade balances in custody across multiple exchanges without moving assets. Copper ClearLoop settles trades automatically and instantly on completion.

  • Instant post-trade settlement:

We settle fiat and crypto trades instantly ledger-to-ledger after the trade takes place.

  • Exchange counterparty risk largely minimised:

We ensure both the asset manager and the exchange have enough assets allocated to cover the position before it’s opened.

  • Caps Lifted:

Asset Managers who have restrictions on AUM per exchange can trade higher volumes because their assets never get moved to exchanges.

The new standard in security for Digital Assets

We leave nothing to chance,
ensuring your assets remain safe

  • ISO 27001 & Cyber essential Plus
  • Accredited security team
  • Regular penetration testing
  • Comprehensive insurance policies
  • 24/7 SOC & specialist incident response
  • AI / ML enabled events & incident management
copper certified

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