Digital Trading Experience: BlockFills’ Essential Provisions 

BlockFills has developed a market-leading, end-to-end digital trading ECN platform for spot and derivatives products, reflecting our deep roots in high-speed, multi-asset trading in traditional markets.   A beacon of innovation in digital trading, BlockFills is focused on speed, stability, and flexibility, catering to liquidity providers, professional traders, funds, asset managers, and more – setting a new standard in execution quality, reporting, service, and support. 


BlockFills recognizes the necessity of robust authentication protocols, which is why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is implemented across our platform. Sophisticated security measures are non-negotiable and are addressed with this authentication as standard practice across BlockFills’ trading platforms. BlockFills’ MFA process is designed to ensure that only authorized users can access account information and execute transactions, providing an essential safeguard against intrusion and identity theft. This advanced security measure reinforces our commitment to maintaining the highest data integrity and protection standards for our clients.  


BlockFills has two front-end trading platforms (Vision and Phoenix) that can function on any device. Vision is web-based and features a simple, easy-to-understand interface.  Phoenix is an advanced platform geared towards professionals and has PC and Mac-native versions in addition to the web platform. Beyond the platform, clients can also trade with BlockFills via OTC/Voice or via our FIX and WebSocket APIs.  REST API connectivity is available for reconciliation functions, such as retrieving transaction history, balances, positions, and credit availability. BlockFills is committed to offering an interoperable and accessible platform designed with its clients in mind. 

Real-Time Position Management and Reporting 

Both Vision Trader and Phoenix provide immediate insights into trading activities and equip users with comprehensive reporting tools critical for decision-making. Our real-time functionality allows traders to monitor positions, track performance, and adjust strategies swiftly to capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks.  All trading data, including positions, transaction, transfer, and payment history, is also consumable via REST API. Numerous Fund Administrators, for example, have already successfully connected to the BlockFills REST API.  

Advanced Order Placement Capabilities: 

The volatility of crypto prices attracts traders who seek to capitalize on market movement via shorter term trades. The Phoenix platform, our flagship advanced platform, offers a range of advanced order placement capabilities designed to meet the sophisticated demands of professional trading including limit, stop, stop limit, trailing stop, and bracket orders, amongst others. Trade on a ticket, or directly on the chart or DOM (depth of market) screen, where a trader can utilize a drag-and-drop interface to manage orders, positions, and track PNL. 

Dedicated White Glove Service 

Placing a high value on personal touch and responsive, knowledgeable support, the BlockFills trading experience is supported by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals committed to providing white-glove service. Our dedicated team ensures traders receive immediate assistance on complex issues, obtain detailed explanations of platform features, and gain insights that can help optimize their trading strategies. Our trading desk is led by seasoned professionals who understand the intricacies of the markets and the challenges our clients face and provides accessible support to help our clients navigate the complexities of digital asset trading with confidence. 

The BlockFills Digital Trading Experience  

BlockFills redefines digital asset trading by providing trading experiences of unparalleled speed, stability, and flexibility. Our ecosystem has established a new benchmark for quality of execution that benefits liquidity providers, professional traders, funds, asset managers, and more. Choose BlockFills, and gain access to a cutting-edge trading environment that supports both a multitude of GUI and API interfaces, catering to diverse trading needs, whether for proprietary or customer-facing businesses.  

Interested in leveraging the advanced capabilities of the BlockFills trading venue? Register today, and a BlockFills representative will be in touch to discuss your specific trading requirements. 

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