BlockFills is one of the largest crypto-option market makers in the space, and our OTC options trading desk is utilized by some of the largest crypto-native funds, miners, exchanges, and lenders in our industry.

Our desk will quote options for a wide range of strikes and maturities in BTC, ETH and Altcoin markets. Outright Options, Spreads, Collars, Multi-leg Structures and more.

BlockFills is staffed with experienced, battle-tested professionals.

The BlockFills Crypto Options Desk has over 60 years of combined experience trading Derivatives in Foreign Exchange, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

Prolific desk with 1000%+ Growth in Options volume YoY

Physical or Cash Settlement

Flexible Margin Requirements

Execute with or without a Delta Hedge

Very competitive Risk Transfer Prices on Large Block Trades

Cross Margin Against Spot and Other derivatives positions

Marks and Reporting Provided via Client Portal and Upon Request

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