Benefits of The BlockFills Pool

Compliant • Transparent • Financially Optimal


  • • The BlockFills Pool is the only mining pool that will be SOC 1 Type 2* certified.
  • • We are the only major mining pool to payout using a double geometric method to comply to FinCEN’s mining pool regulations.


  • To compound on our compliant base, we offer extensive reporting and clear payouts with Original Bitcoin.
  • We allow our large miners to view our SOC 1 Type 2 to assure and educate them about our unique financial controls.

Financially Optimal

  • • By using a retroactive payment method, The BlockFills Pool does not incur currency risk, nor do we need to keep reserves on hand to prevent attacks or bankruptcy.
  • • We prevent hidden costs and provide our miners with financially clear and transparent earnings.

Problems With Most Mining Pools

Lack of Compliance and Transparency

  • • No financial audits
  • • No exportable effort-to-earnings history
  • • Complicated UTXO history (pay-per-share) making verifying effort-to-earnings retroactively impossible
  • • No transparency around pricing or price per unit of effort, making it difficult for miners to hold pools accountable

Hidden Costs

  • • Pay-per-share reserve requirements*
  • • Unclear / false fees
  • • Currency risk*

Regulatory Risk

  • • Potential clash with U.S. money transmitting and securities laws
  • • Lack of financial controls for reporting standards (SOX audit failures)

mining from blockfills

The BlockFills Pool Offering

The BlockFills Mining Pool focuses on efficiency, reliability and transparency. We aim to help scale the most scalable miners with technology, financial support and professional service.

Advanced Reporting
The BlockFills Pool offers the most comprehensive earning reports in the mining space; we have nothing to hide from our miners.

Loan Center
Through the loan center, we help match miners with financing solutions; allowing loan repayment directly from mining rewards.

Carbon Offsets
Through our partnership with MOSS, we enable miners to optionally offset their energy usage – directly linking the offsets to their earnings.

Powerful and User-Friendly Analytics
Hashing might be done by machines, but behind every fleet of rigs sit a human operator. We’ve built a powerful analytics platform to give real-time insights on your rig’s performance.

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Please contact us to learn more about proprietary algorithms we can provide to maximize your mining rewards.