The Marvel Tech Suite: Vision + Zephyr:

This is an End-to-End Solution – and we do mean front, middle, back, and everywhere in between – for organizations looking to strengthen and streamline their entire process.

Together, Vision’s GUI, API Capability, Web-Based Admin Portal, and the Zephyr Middle/Back Office Solution represent everything your firm needs to access markets, manage risk, transfer funds, and perform real-time trade reporting. These products, which comprise the Marvel Tech Suite created by BlockFills®, can be integrated by our expert solutions architects and will instantly allow you to leverage the multitude of our existing fully functional, battle-tested integrations along with additional exchanges, OTC markets, and vendor integrations which are coming online on an ongoing basis.

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White Labeling Solutions

All of the BlockFills® technologies above can be built with your branding via our whitelabeling solution. Send your customers a clear, consistent message while providing the best-in-class connectivity, liquidity, and support. If you are looking for a solution that includes white labeling, complete the form below and a BlockFills representative will assist you in evaluating whether a whitelabeling solution is ideal for your organization.