BlockFills® is fully integrated with Lucera: An industry-leading technology service provider delivering performant, secure, and scalable solutions designed to power demanding financial applications.

Is your firm an active maker or taker in the digital asset space? At BlockFills’ direction, Lucera will do the heavy lifting to connect your FIX API to the Lucera net. Your firm can open a trading relationship with BlockFills with virtually no development work required of your team.


Lucera’s Market Surveillance Tool

Why do we work with Lucera?

Flexible control over order routing including data-driven SOR

Configurable liquidity pools for Price Aggregation, Distribution, and Markup

On-net Clients can be connected to the BlockFills’ system in minutes through Lucera Connect®

Co-located in NY4, LD4, TY3, CH2, and SG1

Counter-Party API normalization, Integration, and Conformance

Web-based UI for comprehensive platform management and transparency

Integrated TCA analysis, Back Office / STP sessions

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